Easy money for recommending SEO services

Affiliate program

Do you know a company which needs SEO services? That’s great, just recommend our SEO agency and you can make money on it or have additional budget for your SEO services.

Please look at the table below how much you can earn per lead.

Amount of leads Monthly progressive commission
1-5 11%
6-10 15%
11-20 20%
above 20 or just 1 corporation individual commission

As SEO specialists – not people who specialise in everything we can place every website on the first place of search engine results.

Affiliate program is especially for

  • sales specialists
  • companies which haven’t got SEO services in their offer and they are looking for business partners
  • digital agencies which have sent their offer to the client but haven’t received any feedback and signed the contract
  • SEM agencies which can’t place a website in TOP 10
  • our clients who want to pay less for SEO services

Call us or email us, give us the contact to potential customer. When we will sign SEO contract we will contact you and for the time the contract is valid you will receive your monthly commission. Depends on how much this client pays you can count for £50, £200 or even more than that (some firms can spend on SEO services the budget higher than £5000, so after scraching one zero it’s minimum £500 monthly for you) and it is for just one client. The contract signed with your recommended customer we will send to you. Clear rules. Easy money is waiting for you, we will work.

Everyone is invited to affiliate marketing program with Hack Limited.