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How can you check SEO agency as a client or competition as a freelancer or SEO specialist in the agency using just Google?

Well, we are not afraid of being checked by anyone, because we are doing good job all the time, but what about others? You can check your SEO agency using… a free tool like Google. No one can hide anything behind Google if wants to rank in Google search engine.

The method I want to share will make you feel like Sherlock Holmes or MI5 agent. The method (let’s call it hack007 method) is brilliant, because is easy to learn and use and it’s for free!

What you should do to check the work for example in last month? If they haven’t sent you any report you can do few things.

For example search what is happening with your brand, company name, website address or keyword what you rank for.

To do this please search all these things in Google search engine. Please click link “Tools” and choose for example “Past month”. You can additionally choose the country, so you will see the results from your or any other country in that time. You can additionally change the language by choosing “Settings”->”Languages”.

SEO audit

I’m pretty sure, that no one checks agency’s work till everyone in company is busy, they receive a lot of emails and phone calls, but if SEO is not working, traffic and rankings go down – there will be a problem. I believe if you show this method to your SEO agency or freelancer it will make them thinking about it, they will work better if they want to cooperate with you longer and will make them aware you are competent person to check their work.

As a SEO specialist in the agency or freelancer you can do the same – check the results of the brand, company name, website address or keyword what you rank for first. Just in Google without any paid services like Ahrefs, Majestic or SEMrush. Collect all these things from the first page in Google or even from TOP 20 – brands, website addresses, keywords. Then choose the time, country, language, etc. and just search. You will know what works for SEO – if someone is using private blog network (pyramid or chaos system), buing press release articles, using link exchange systems (internal or external), linking from forums, blogs, directories, making blasts using software like xRumer, Zennoposter, Ubot or GSA Search Engine Ranker, etc. As a SEO specialist you can dig everything out, justify what works what doesn’t work, make your own tests, justify if it works for any domain or just for few domains.

Do you want more ideas?

Additionally, thanks to this method, you can check what is happening with the brand anywhere in PR. Just search in Google and apply filters I’ve mentioned above.

Oscar Wilde said:

It doesn’t matter what people say about you, as long as they’re talking about you.

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

You can check who have mentioned the name of the brand or URL address and where – on blog, forum, maybe someone wrote an opinion about it. You can always join conversation. If it’s negative opinion – you can explain or apologise, if it’s positive – you can thank. You always have additional chance to catch a customer.

Of course this method doesn’t work if someone have deleted all work for example done a half a year ago. You can check only indexed and still existing content and links.

At the end I want to point some search results. If you are using hack007 method and your website came out in the search results and you haven’t changed it (unless you have random content on the website) – probably you have been hacked and someone could add the code and placed for example 1 metre up and right from the pc screen and you want see the content and the links… Interesting, isn’t it?

Good luck in digging out in Google!

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