FAQ about SEO services by Hack

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO by Hack

If you haven’t found the answer for your questions please contact us. We work all the time to increase the quality of our services and your opinion matters.

What for is SEO? 

Search engine optimisation is needed to increase “organic” visibility online, increase traffic, sales.

What do we need to prepare SEO offer?

All you need to do is to give us your website’s address and the monthly budget or the budget for the whole SEO project. You can suggest the keywords to analyse, point your competitors. Based on these informations we will analyse and prepare SEO offer. If your website is under construction you can buy consultations, because the website may not be optimised for SEO and it’s the best to change it at this stage instead of paying double for website design.

Why we don’t want to place a website on suggested keywords? 

Often our clients want to be the first on the keywords relative to their business, but no one searches them. Other companies can use that – no competition, fast results and easy money for them, but for the client – no benefits at all. Hack Limited will not do ineffective actions, we focus on the quality of our services so we raise the bar to others SEO agencies

How about our SEO package prices?

SEO services strategy depends on the budget and trade. In pay monthly plan we promote the website for unlimited number of phrases, we add content while we cooperate, we always optimize, we improve the page, if necessary we even rebuild and do it at no additional charge. We do a lot more than other SEO agencies that advertise a website for only a few phrases and the customer waits for the effect – while working with Hack Limited – there are several dozens of other marketing activities being conducted at the same time.
You can decrease package prices by joining to our affiliate program and recommending our SEO services to others, interested in increasing visibility of their websites in search engine results (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex).

How long is the contract signed for? 

The contract is signed for a minimum of 4 months, after which it is enough to speak with a month in advance without giving any reason.

What do we need to start SEO services for your company?

In order to optimise your website code we need access to the server and administration panel of the web site (username and password). Access to the server will allow us to make changes to files (modifying the code, adding the Google Tag Manager tracking code) and uploading required files to validate the properties of the site in Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo, etc. accounts, or add and modify site indexing files. We need access to the CMS to modify and optimize the content. The modified content must be of course accepted by the customer before making final changes on the site. In the case we do not have access to the server and page, we can always send instructions what changes should be made. If we do not have any influence on the website’s code and content – the price for SEO services will be higher, sometimes the license does not allow any modifications to the code of the website or online store.

Are we using Black Hat SEO (BHS) methods to get the results?

No, we are not. You can always track our work and check the reports using hack007 method.