Use of #hashtags in social media and SEO

Everyone is using hashtags to promote the brand, events, services, etc., but not everyone uses them properly on social media platforms and SEO on the website.

For example sharing posts using #hashtags to friends instead of public is wrong. Usually hashtag becomes famous if users are using it very often and search by hashtag to see what is happening with the brand, event, services, anything. If you share just for friends – just your friends will see it, not everyone else who is looking for it. You probably ask yourself how can I post from instagram to facebook to the public. To make the different just go to your facebook settings. Please choose Apps, and then choose (or search – will be faster) the application what you want, for example Instagram (or any other application connected to facebook) and change App visibility and post audience from Friends to Public.

When you plan to post on private wall or company social page you can always do hashtag research using tracking tools for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and choose from the most searched hashtags.

Hashtags in #SEO

Hashtags do help for SEO. The URL addresses with “#” inside will not be indexed in Google after this sign, so it won’t place your keyword in there, but… You can always use the link to create additional menu, what users will love, Google will read and this #SEOH4CK will boost not only your website usability but additionally boost your on page optimisation for keywords you want to rank for.

It’s easy, you can create a link using just HTML coding. For example in FAQ subpage on the same (FAQ) page

<a href=”#question1″>Go to Question 1</a>

Some more content

<p id=”question1″ class=”some-css-class”>Question 1</p>

On the other subpages or even different website the code for this link will be:

<a href=”https://www.yourbusinessaddress.com/faq/#question1″>Go to Question 1 on FAQ subpage on my website</a>

So even if you write like:

For more information click the link https://www.yourbusinessaddress.com/faq/#question1

Google will read #question1 as a content, when you place ‘Go to Question 1’ in the menu Google reads it like a content, additionally it is internal linking if used on the same website (but probably you have already link to https://www.yourbusinessaddress.com/faq/ in the menu somewhere .

When you link from other website using direct URL with “#” in it, it will send the user to direct location, but Google will count this link to URL address before “#” sign.

Good luck with applying changes on your site to rank better!


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